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Christopher Casson


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Christopher Casson

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Chance to win ends on: May 22, 2021 12:00 am (UTC +00:00)

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Rice Fields NFT 1/1 Original will be Given to Winner for Free

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Christopher D. Casson is an artist on the spectrum with a mission to bring awareness to Autism with his artwork.  This vibrant image was captured on a trip to Southeast Asia in the Rice Fields of Angkor Wat. Christopher is excited to enter into the space of NFTs and the promise they bring for photographers and digital artists across the globe. Your $30 donation will go directly to the startup costs for Chris to get set up on the blockchain and this photo will be his first 1 of 1 NFT. Your donation will be a self-fulfilling prophecy as it will directly contribute to its ability to exist. Every donation comes with a signed photo print of “Rice Fields” and a chance to win the original NFT. Chris is also pledging his royalty payout to the Madison House for any future resale of the “Rice Fields” NFT 1/1 Original. Bottom line… you can’t lose when everybody wins!

“Rice Fields” NFT 1/1 Original

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